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Updated: Mar 29

A video was released in February 2024 from The Vanquish Group giving updates and important announcements about some of the Vanquish Brands.

Below is a synopsis of the content:

TSCM International already has office offices in 9 cities, in 6 countries spanning 5 continents.

But this is only bug sweeping services. As you are probably aware, the Vanquish Group has brands that deliver services in other areas of the security industry, most notably, close protection, investigations or intel acquisition and education in all of the above.

At present, we only provide CP services from the UK.

We also only deliver the 21 Day Close Protection course in the UK

This year, Vanquish Security Services, Vanquish Training Academy and the investigation brands will begin to expand into the locations where TSCM currently operate.

The Vanquish Group will take control of at least 2 other her companies in the security and intelligence sector.

Also, we will open offices in 2 more countries providing ALL Vanquish services.

This expansion is designed for several, obvious commercial reasons. However, one of the less obvious reasons is to maintain operative activity.

Retaining operatives by providing them with more work opportunities both in their home countries and abroad.

By giving them more work opportunities, we increase their value to us, our value to them and deliver more from their investment into our training programmes.

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