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Unlocking New Opportunities: Vanquish Academy's Innovative Referral Scheme

Vanquish Academy has launched an exciting new referral scheme that incentives individuals to promote their educational courses. Here's an overview of how this program could benefit both the academy and its affiliates.

A Win-Win Approach

The referral program is straightforward: affiliates earn a commission by referring prospective learners to Vanquish Academy's courses. When a referral results in a paid enrolment, the affiliate receives a commission based on the course fee. This system not only encourages affiliates to spread the word about Vanquish Academy's offerings but also expands the academy's reach and enrolment.

Financial Incentives

The financial rewards are structured to motivate affiliates. For every successful referral, affiliates receive a 10% commission on the course fee. Additionally, there's a unique incentive for promoting female participation in courses. Through a special grant initiative, male and female referrals have different commission rates, with £350 for male applicants and £175 for female applicants, reflecting the grant's aim to encourage more female participants.

Impact on Growth

By implementing this referral scheme, Vanquish Academy is leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing, which can be highly effective for educational institutions. Affiliates who are likely current students or alumni, can provide genuine testimonials and experiences, adding credibility and trust to their referrals. This strategy could significantly boost the academy's visibility and student intake.


Vanquish Academy's referral scheme represents a strategic move to grow its student base while rewarding those who help facilitate this growth. It's a testament to the academy's commitment to creating mutually beneficial relationships with its community, fostering an environment where everyone, from the academy to its affiliates and prospective students, stands to gain.

For more details on the program or to become an affiliate, visit Vanquish Academy's referral page.

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