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Special Grants for Female Close Protection Candidates

Vanquish Academy is excited to announce grants for our 21-Day Close Protection Training Course as part of our global expansion efforts. This initiative includes a significant focus on inclusivity, with eight special half-price grants specifically for female candidates, despite all applicants undergoing the same rigorous selection process.

These special grants for female close protection candidates represent our commitment to supporting women in a traditionally male-dominated field and are in line with our plans to extend our reach to the Middle East and beyond. We believe that empowering women with the skills and opportunities to excel in close protection roles not only enriches the profession but also enhances the effectiveness of security measures worldwide.

Interested participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as the course is set to begin shortly. More details about the training program and the application process can be found on our website at Vanquish Academy.

At Vanquish Academy, we are dedicated to providing top-tier training that prepares individuals to face the demanding scenarios of the security industry globally. We look forward to welcoming a diverse group of candidates and are especially eager to assist aspiring female close protection officers in starting their careers on a strong footing.

For those interested in this opportunity, please visit our course page for more details and to apply.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights into how we are helping shape the future of security training!

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