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August 3, 2017

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Close Protection Jobs After Training

Course Founder Michael Chandler released a video on his personal blog last week, explaining the recruitment opportunities presented to successful applicants for the Vanquish Close Protection Courses.


 In the video, he explains that Vanquish does not guarantee that you will be given the jobs that suit you because that just isn't realistic. Instead, we present a variety of work opportunities to you for you to decide whether or not they are suitable and/ or economically viable for you to fulfil.


He also states that Vanquish will always endeavour to be "honest and transparent" when it comes to how our course candidates will benefit from attending the courses.


The full video can be viewed below and the blog post can be viewed at https://www.michaelchandler.online/single-post/Security-Jobs-with-Vanquish



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January 30, 2020