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Online Bug Sweeping Course

Last week, our Chief Operating Officer and International Security Consultant, Michael Chandler announced that he is going to make one of his training courses available to the world by converting it into an online video series.

The technical surveillance counter-measures (or bug sweeping) course is recognised internationally and has been taught in the UK, Ghana and the United States.

In a video filmed recently, Michael also stated that he intends to release a brand new book which will be sent to anyone who chooses to purchase the online training programme regardless of which country they are in, absolutely free of charge.

The course will be inclusive of video tutorials, downloadable content, regular assessments and an end of course exam.

You will also, be given the option of purchasing a bug sweeping kit so that you can practice at home or at work whilst watching the video tutorials. The kit is basic but competent enough to find any type of bugging device and the course itself will teach you how.

The learning outcomes from the training programme are as follows:

  • The Roles & Responsibilities of a TSCM Operative

  • Types of Bugging Devices

  • Radio Frequencies & Cellular Signals

  • Radio Frequency Detection

  • Covert Cameras & Detection

  • Wire Taps & Detection

  • The Functions of Malicious Spyware

  • Malicious Spyware Detection

  • Thermal Imagery & Why We Use It

  • X-Rays

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Relevant Legislation

  • How to Conduct a Sweep in a Competent Manner

  • Taking Evidence & Report Writing

At any point during the course you feel you require assistance, just send us an email at and one of our instructors will get in touch with you.

For more information, simply go to

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