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August 3, 2017

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Close Protection and Private Investigator Training Combined

On 12th May this year, an open day was hosted at our new HQ in Manchester City Centre. The open day was a great success with people attending from all over the UK. During one of the presentations, course founder Michael Chandler announced a major change to the 21 Day Close Protection Course.


The announcement included the removal of PCO Chauffeur Training for good due to changes in regulations relating to topographical tests. But it also included the addition of the SIA Level 3 Private Investigator qualification. This is the award that will be required to apply for the SIA PI Licence when it is made available by the Security Industry Authority.


In a blog post Michael states “In order to do this, I have had to make some preliminary changes to the course removing the Chauffeur Training (PCO topographical training and test) element and changing some of the course content around to better suit candidates who will now gain this additional and very valuable qualification at no extra cost. Since launching this course, the chauffeur has become obsolete due to a change in legislation surrounding PCO regulations and from taking feedback from past candidates who generally felt that it was a waste of time.”



The full blog post can be viewed at https://www.michaelchandler.online/single-post/2018/05/28/Changes-to-my-Close-Protection-Course


The next 21 Day Course which starts this July in London will be the first to incorporate this new qualification upgrading the list of certificates that can be awarded during the course to;



The full title of the PI course is the IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators.


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January 30, 2020