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August 3, 2017

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Big Announcement to be Made on the Close Protection Course Open Day

October 17, 2017

On Saturday the 4 November 2017, Vanquish Training Academy will be hosting a Close
Protection open day to be held in our brand new training centre in Central Manchester. As usual the day will consist of a relatively in-depth presentation hosted by our brand new training
instructor Austin Brown and at least one of our previous course candidates who attended a
course within the last 12 months to help give you a real and honest insight as to what you can
expect from our training course. If there is time, there will also be a demonstration lesson. This
will give you an insight as to what you can expect not only from the training course content but
also from our training methods. The open date is free but if you would like to bring a friend you
are also more than welcome to do so, however, you will have to register them separately. It is
very common for people to bring along partners as well as friends. If you have already applied
for a training course in 2018, there will be an opportunity for you to sit your interview which is
the final stage of the application process. Simply by attending the open day your application will be prioritised. We do this because simply by showing up it tells us that and chose us and
demonstrates to us that you are willing to genuinely attend the course. This is one of many ways that we weed out the people who are interested to those who are not. For convenience the course is held at midday on a Saturday afternoon. The full address is given to you once you put your name down for the open day itself. So you will need to apply for the open day.

Essentially what happens is you fill in the form then you receive the official invitation by email immediately afterwards.




In order for you to fill this form in please visit www.vanquishacademy.com/openday. You will
need to complete this form for each person whom you wished to attend so if you are planning on bringing a friend and/or partner along then please register yourself and then register them
separately. In addition to the usual proceedings of the open day, there is going to be a special
. This special announcement relates directly to the course as there are going to be a major change which has been confirmed by course founder Michael Chandler. This change is going to be massively beneficial to anyone who is lucky enough to be granted a seat on the courses in 2018. It does not completely change the syllabus, however, it does allow you to gain an additional qualification as well. The only people that are going to be made aware of this change in the training course are those who attend the open day. The other minor change that has been announced is that of the pattern of the training courses themselves. This meaning that the training courses are normally held twice in London, one in Manchester. The previous two years the pattern has been the first training course to be held in London, second course to be held in Manchester and the third and final course to be held in London again. In the 2018 the pattern will be, the first course in Manchester, second course in London and the third course, final course in Manchester. The course dates for 2018 were announced approximately two weeks ago and already we have had people from all over the world apply for those new dates. So if you do have genuine interest to attend the open day, then please fill in the online form which can be found once again at

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January 30, 2020