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August 3, 2017

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Surveillance Training Is On The Increase

October 14, 2016

Saturday 15th October will be the last ever 5 Day Advanced Surveillance Training Course in Manchester to cost £799.


For many years, the course in Manchester has been £150 cheaper than the one in London but this is about to change. The course starting tomorrow morning will be the last to cost £799 and after that it will be going up making all 5 Day Courses £949 regardless of the location.




Vanquish® Investigation Services was the first Private Investigation Company to make a policy



that ensured that they would only recruit operatives from a certain training course. Now that has changed slightly in that there are 4 training courses that they will recruit from but they are only held by Vanquish® Training Academy.


For more information on any of our private investigation based training courses, please visit VanquishAcademy.com/Surveillance-Courses

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January 30, 2020