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August 3, 2017

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A Recent Enquiry... "What makes your company's close protection/ bodyguard training course stand out from companies?"

July 16, 2016


We recently received an email that asked what makes our close protection/ bodyguard training course stand out from the others including the ones that are held in other European countries. 


Our response was as follows:


Hi, thank you for your enquiry. 


Our course is designed purely to recruit operatives for our security company and our investigation company. For this reason, we don't tend to look at what other training providers do and don't do. This may sound arrogant but because the security industry is flooded, as a company, we've always done things our own way as opposed to adhering to so called "industry standards" and we believe this is what makes us as successful as we are. 


Our course is realistic to the clients that we service. By that I mean that because we mainly deal with celebrities and high-net worth individuals, they naturally require our services whilst in London and other major European cities. Our training centre is based in the City of London, approximately 30 seconds walk from St Pauls Cathedral with scenarios involving locations in Mayfair, the City and the West-End. They also include situations where the principal has received a threat and enables the learners to utilise their newly gained surveillance and counter-surveillance skills which again, is a big part of what Vanquish do as a company.


From the 21 day course, you will gain qualifications that are rare but very useful and almost vital for the modern day close protection officer. The course includes First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid (useful if you chose to work with children or a family who have young children), as well as Defibrillator training.


I would encourage you to think whether you want to go on a course that involves driving around racetracks and shooting weapons or a course that is more realistic, in central London with realistic scenarios and integrates unique training courses and qualifications such as Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (Bug Sweeping). 


I hope this answers your questions. 

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January 30, 2020