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August 3, 2017

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The World’s First Application Only Close Protection Course

March 18, 2016

Last week The Vanquish Group's Chief Operating Officer Michael Chandler had an idea to only allow successful applicants join the Vanquish Close Protection Courses making it the World’s first “Application Only” Close Protection Training Course. The problem was, no one thought that this would be a good idea and everyone at Head Quarters opposed it. But, after a convincing argument the board of directors decided to relent.


In a press release statement Mr Chandler said “We’ve always done things our differently and in our own way. I’ve always tried to make a point of ignoring what our competitors and the rest of the industry are doing. Because Vanquish recruit people from our own training courses, we want to ensure that we are getting the very best people to join our growing team”.


Rather than going on to the website and booking your seat, you will now have to complete a very short application form and wait to hear whether you’ve been successful or not. Successful applicants will be notified two months before the due start date of the course.


We have published this video explaining the process


Michael also stated; "This may seem awkward at first, but I'm sure that people will understand that we are looking for high calibre applicants from ALL backgrounds and, for us, this is the best way to do it. If you want to attend a course that offers you real job opportunities, then apply now." 


This plan has already been implemented and you are now only garunteed a place if you already have a seat booked. 


If you would like to apply for any of our Close Protection Courses, then simply visit VanquishAcademy.com/Apply





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January 30, 2020