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Because most attacks are planned in advance, it is important that any bodyguard has the ability to establish whether they and/ or their principle are being followed. 


This 3 Day Course is a fine example of the way that Vanquish Security & Investigation Consultants operate. It became a course in it's own right due to the high demands of course attendees from the 5 Day Advanced Surveillance Course asking to learn more about Counter & Anti Surveillance as, according to most, it was the most interesting aspect of the course.


This course involves a great combination of theory & practical with the final assessment involving a real life scenario using actors and covert communications. 


Who Should Attend?


This course is suitable for:


  • Security Personnel

  • Store Detectives

  • Bailifs

  • Local Authorities

  • Close Protection Officers

  • Private Investigators

  • People who wish to enter the private investigation circuit.

  • Anyone who feels that the course will be of personal interest.





Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to enter the PI sector of the Security Industry. Vanquish ONLY recruit those who sucessfully pass these courses


Minimum Requirements

All course attendees must;

be over 18 years old, fluent in English and have a reasonable level of physical fitness.

Payment Plans


At Present, we offer payment plans for the 5 Day Survrillance Course.

This enables course attendees to pay in instalments making it more affordable.

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Course Details

Course Content


  • How Surveillance Teams Operate

  • Foot Surveillance Techniques,

  • Mobile/ Vehicle Surveillance Drills

  • Operational Planning

  • The Difference Between Counter & Anti

  • Integration with Close Protection Teams

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Legislation

  • Specialist Equipment




Course Dates 


London - 20 - 22 April 2016 (Spaces Available)

London - 24 - 26 June 2016 (Spaces Available)            Book Now

London - 20 - 22 July 2016 (Spaces Available)             Book Now

London - 02 - 04 November 2016 (Spaces Available)   Book Now


Course Cost


£599 (including VAT)




Why Train With Vanquish?

  • Gain Unique Counter & Anti-Surveillance Qualifications

  • Receive a Lifetime 20% Discount on All Other Vanquish Training Courses

  • Winners of The 2015 Best Business Awards

  • Receive 1 Year Free Membership For The International Association of Security & Investigation Professionals

  • Centrally Located Training Centres

  • Vanquish Only Recruit Those Who Have Passed One Of Our Courses. This Applies To All International Offices. 

  • If a Career Change Is What You're Looking For, Then Book Now
















  • 2 Live Counter-Surveillance Operations,

  • Communications

  • Reconnaissance

  • Observation Points (OPs)

  • The Human Brain and Periphera Perceptio

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Close Protection


The World renowned 21 Day Vanquish Close Protection Course is considered one of the best civilian bodyguard courses that exist. It not only covers the basic minimum SIA Level 3 BTEC requirements to enable attendees to ascertain their SIA licence.


This course demonstrates how to be an effective CPO whilst utilising covert surveillance skills and gives attendees the ability to protect by exercising intelligence acquisition methods along with traditional security skills and procedures. 


From this course, you will gain your PCO Chauffeur Licence, SIA CP Licence, a Diploma in Advance Surveillance, Bug Sweeping (TSCM) and the First Aid At Work Qualification

Advanced Surveillance


The 5 Day Advanced Surveillance Course was initially written to train current security staff of Vanquish Security to enable them to conduct covert surveillance ops to the high standards set out by the company.


Word spread quickly and before we knew it, Vanquish had set up a special training division, later to become Vanquish Training Academy, to take on all applicants who wanted to attend the highly demanding course. 


Michael Chandler who wrote the course, later went on to publish The Real Guide to Surveillance which sells to aspiring security & surveillance operatives World Wide. 


Although Michael has stepped down as course instructor, people still come from all over the globe to attend. 

You May Also Be Interested In

Bug Sweeping


Also written by Michael Chandler, this course was set up to train operatives on an international scale, the art of Bug Sweeping also known as, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures or TSCM. 


TSCM is a skill set that not all Bodyguards can boast but is a very useful one to have. Most attacks are planned and therefore, a principle is very likely to be monitored in one way or another which is why electronic monitoring or Technical Surveillance, should be something that a modern day bodyguard is able to detect.


This is a 2 day course which is becoming very popular and is incorporated into the 21 Day Vanquish Close Protection Course.


Similar Courses

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Complete this form if you would like to be kept updated about new course dates, special offers and more. Any call made to you will be from a private number.

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Vanquish Training Academy

1 Rivington Street



Freephone:  0800 619 8128

Telephone:   0203 086 7941




Vanquish Training Academy

5 Roger Street


M4 4EN

Freephone:  0800 619 8128

Telephone:   0161 667 1521


New York, NY


Vanquish Security & Investigation Consultants LLC

31 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001


Freephone:  +1 800 673 5898

Telephone:   +1 (646) 560 3242


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