The first training course was The 2 Day Basic Surveillance Course which was initially written to train current security staff of Vanquish Security to enable them to conduct covert surveillance ops to the high standards set out by the company.

Word spread quickly and before we knew it, Vanquish had set up a special training division, later to become Vanquish Training Academy, to take on all applicants who wanted to attend the highly demanding course.

Michael Chandler who wrote the course later went on to publish The Real Guide to Surveillance which sells to aspiring security & surveillance operatives World Wide.

Our main goal now is to provide operatives to Vanquish® Security and Vanquish® Investigation Services whether that be for security services through our close protection courses or private investigator services through our PI and surveillance courses as both of these organisations will ONLY recruit from our academy.

Although Michael has stepped down as course instructor, people still come from all over the globe to attend the various courses that fall under the Vanquish Training Academy's umbrella.

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